Dr David Honey

Liberal Member for Cottesloe

Cottesloe is an important electorate and it needs to be represented  by someone who has the experience and ability to deliver results  for our community and the State.

As a former senior Executive with global management  accountabilities and a past President of the Liberal Party of  Western Australia, I believe that I have both the professional and political knowledge to make a positive difference for our community and State, in Parliament.

My wife Robyn and I have lived in Cottesloe for more than 30 years and have raised our 6 children here. I am very committed to ensuring our community thrives and remains the best place possible for our children to grow up and raise families of their own.

I respectfully ask for your vote, so that I can start making an immediate difference and ensure local issues that matter to you are addressed, not ignored.

I will also fight for our community by:

Developing a co-ordinated plan with the police, local government and the Department of Community to tackle anti-social behaviour.

Ensuring the timely completion of the Perth to Fremantle shared path and progressing the Coastal Cycle Path, creating safer cycleways and more local business and tourism opportunities.

Prioritising a practical solution to improve facilities at our beaches for local families and also tourists who come from across the globe and contribute to our local economy.

Working closely with Main Roads, local government and most importantly, residents and businesses, to develop and implement a co-ordinated plan to improve our local roads and fix congestion.

Standing up for the needs of our local sports clubs and organisations that are currently being neglected by the State Government.

Is there a local issue you would like to discuss?